5 Reasons Why Children Need To Learn Coding


In advanced education systems (Japan, Australia…), coding is a compulsory subject right from elementary school. Parents prioritize promoting and encouraging their children to learn coding from an early age to prepare a solid luggage for the future.

1. Benefits when children learn to code

Develop a mindset: Coding is a tool for transitioning from being a computer user to being a computer creator. Coding teaches kids patience, critical thinking, and how to care about user experience to learn empathy.

Create a solid foundation for the future: The digital era requires people to master skills in computer science and coding. Human resources of this industry are always sought because of its specific field. Equipping children with coding skills will prepare them well for the future, empower them to turn their skills into a promising career.

Learn another language: Special numbers 0 and 1 in coding languages let we how the technology around us works. This is the best way for children to appreciate the workings of technology and engineering. Some coding languages ​​have been known such as: Python, JavaScript, C/C++,…

Help children to solve problems with confidence: A programmer needs the ability to see a big problem and break it down into small parts to solve it effectively. If the first solution does not work, the child will have to find other solutions. Through these soluntions, they develop problem solving skills.

Stimulate creativity: Children learn to execute ideas into their own works and projects. The characters and challenges when designing the game are based on children’s rich imagination. That helps children constantly develop creative thinking every day.


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2.  What should parents do to help children learn and develop coding skills?

Communicate with children more: Parents can share about how the past, present and future are changing, why technology are important in the future, and children gradually learn more by using technology, coding language

Guide children to participate in courses: When at home, parents should help children familiarize and practice coding courses. Learning with the accompaniment of parents will help children pay attention and quickly grasp the transmitted knowledge.

Encourage children to learn on their own: Children will have more difficulty than adults when exposed to new goals and games. Parents and teachers can help children to explore at their own pace, but need to emphasis on developing self-discovery skills.

Choose an international, quality coding learning environment for children’s future development:

In Vietnam, education in technology is being emphasized with a wide range of options. For the best preparation, children should learn in an English – language environment with a digital learning platform based on each student’s own pace.


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