Ace of Heart – Inaugural volleyball tournament for Heartbeat Vietnam

On Sunday 28th March,  through Heartbeat Vietnam (an organization that funds life-saving heart operations for the most financially disadvantaged children in Vietnam), Algorithmics had a chance to participate in a really meaningful event.

There were 8 students from Ace of heart that organized the event of today. They come from AISVN. When they read about Heartbeat Vietnam on the Internet, they suddenly want to give a hand. Ethan – one of them, has an idea that they will arrange a volleyball tournament and sell the ticket to fundraising. We feel so impressive. It is because they are not only devoted to the community but also a good inspiration.

A lot of our students come from many schools in Ho Chi Minh City fundraised from their money when they knew that everything we received in this tournament would be sent to help the unlucky children.

Just like them, we also want to donate something. That is the reason Algorithmics join this event by giving all of the students our scholarship and a thank you note for the noble hearts that they have. 

Algorithmics goal is not only to teach students about programming but also to develop 21st-century skills every day. And we are happy to see this from Ace of hearts and they mobilize us to continue to develop this goal for our students.