Algorithmics opens new center in District 7

Algorithmics Ho Chi Minh has recently opened its newest campus in the middle of May 2021. Besides Hung Phuoc Campus, the new center located in Nguyen Luong Bang Street is also part of the District 7 Coding Community, dedicated to provide a new technology environment to our wonderful students and parents.

The school, which offers classes and activities after school and on weekends, aims to excite the next generation of kids about technology, while providing coding skills that are in high demand across all industries.

Due to the Covid situation, the school held a Soft Opening Event for small groups on May 23rd with full epidemic prevention measures as required by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, attendees must register in advance because of limited availability.

Soft opening activities included free Trial Classes for all attendees to experience the captivating learning platform in Algorithmics. The school also prepared gifts for all of the new students going to the Nguyen Luong Bang center.