Algorithmics Vietnam’s students join worldwide coding competition

Global Winter Quest is an international coding competition organized annually by Algorithmics Programming School. During Christmas 2020, students from Vietnam campus had the chance to compete with over 2000 teams in 35 different countries. 

Vietnamese team was shortlisted into the final round, which included a creative task challenging their coding knowledge through a project. This was a chance for them to show their skills and express how determined they could be. 

Algorithmics Vietnam’s teams were multinational groups with Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and European students working alongside each other. Students were able to meet international friends and gained effective communication skills by collaborating for a mutual goal. 

Attending this contest, our students have gained multiple interpersonal skills which could benefit their future academic journeys. In addition to this, parents were the happiest to see their children participating in an international playground of coding, maths, and logic activities. 



Algorithmics believed this was a chance for parents to grow deeper insights into the benefits of learning programming at an early age.