CODING – Future Ready For Teenagers Success

EPISODE 1: Story of Arham Om Talsania

1. The way to coding

Arham Om Talsania is a 7 years old Indian child. Arham Om Talsania’s creative ability was noticed and nurtured early on by his family. Arham Om Talsania’s father is a software engineer, stated that his son acquired a liking for coding and that he taught him the fundamentals of Python as well as computing devices. 

Arham’s School, the Udgam Youngsters’s School in Ahmedabad, plays a vital part in the seven-year-success with learning programs like LogIQids, which exposes kids in the senior grade to the notion of logical thinking and introduces children to enterprise-grade computers.

Arham Om Talsania-laptrinhchotre

Arham Om Talsania and his Guinness World Records Certificate

2. Constantly practicing skills

Completing coding tests is always a struggle, and Arham spends a lot of time preparing on weekends.

“My child begins with half-hour to hour-long practice sessions and gradually increases.” On weekends, we spend a lot of time, sometimes from dawn to night, when my kid starts making small programs and games. There is no particular preparation for tests, although developing games, programs, and having a fundamental understanding of programming are the initial stages. “Me and my wife are both engineers, and he talks a lot to us about programming languages,” Arham’s father explained.

Arham Om Talsania-laptrinhchotre

Arham Om Talsania has a passion for programming languages

3. Outstanding achievements for a bright future

Thanks to the passion for coding and the support, interest of parents, the school that Arham Om Talsania has amazing achievements at a very young age such as:

  • Got into the Guinness World Records as the World’s Youngest Computer Programmer at the age of six
  • Completed the Microsoft certification exam at the Pearson VUE test center
  • Scored 900/1000 on the exam to be recognized as a Microsoft Technology Contributor.
  • Mastered the use of all kinds of Operating Systems – Android, Windows and iOS at the age of three
  • Knew all the standard programming applications that children usually learn in 6th grade, such as Scratch and Tynker Om Talsania at the age of five

Currently, the boy is busy building 2D and 3D versions to release his own game. The boy’s dream is to become an entrepreneur, doing business in areas related to coding, video games, and robots.

Sources: Translation summary from Indiatimes, The New Indian Express