SSIS Idol – A fundraising event for Heartbeat VN

On April 23rd, 2021, SSIS Idol – an annual talent show – was held by Heartbeat Vietnam SSIS successfully. This is a really meaningful event because all the money from selling tickets will send to Heartbeat Vietnam to poor children with congenital heart defects. And Algorithmics was so proud to be one of the donors on this night.

To prepare for this event, Heartbeat Vietnam SSIS spent a lot of time planning, casting to find 6 last contestants, and practicing all the performances again and again. Before D Day, they ran the show one more time to make sure everything is okay from the light to the sound effect, the stage,…

With the interesting theme: The return of Disney Villains attracted plenty of people. Not only the students but also the audiences have to admit that they had a wonderful night with a lot of incredible performances inspired by Disney animation villains.

Accompanying them, Algorithmics has donated for Heartbeat Vietnam, scholarships, and thank you letters to the winners, contestants, and all who attended. We believe this action will spread positive energy to the community. Helping students develop good skills and virtues is what Algorithmics is aiming for. We’re looking forward to participating in other events like this in the future.