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Students will be taught how to command technology and develop essential soft skills of the 21st Century
Algorithmics empowers them to have their choice of professions-of-the-future

Welcome young talents to the CODING WORLD WITH ALGORITHMICS

Why children should learn how to code?

Through creating challenges, setting objectives, planning, and solving problems while developing technological projects.
Students will use their imagination and creativity to research, design and create their own projects. they are encouraged to take risks, be innovative and never stop learning.
Teamwork is required throughout the learning process. Also, students need to present and defend their projects with teachers and friends.
While studying, students will explore their future aspirations and career decisions. At the same time, they will improve their knowledge and soft skills, which expands their choice of professions-of-the-future.


Personalized learning pathway

All courses are available in online and offline format


5-7 years old

Young students will get to know coding while playing the role of a Knight, who is on an adventure, trying to restore an imperiled Fairy Kingdom and save the Princess.
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7 - 9 years old

The course modules are a storyline of 5 friends: Katie, Doc, Unique, Dina, Pineapple. They decide to make a show. Your child will help them create the script, define roles, and rehearse.
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8 - 12 years old

All the topics are united by a storyline to terraform Mars. Marsobot lives on Mars and he needs students to help him set up a base camp.
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10 - 11 years old

Students will master the tools for developing games in Roblox Studio and the fundamentals of the Lua scripting language. They can choose which game characters to create.
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11-14 years old

Students can explore the role and purpose of a Website. Learn how to build a website on WIX and publish a page, understand how to use the platform. Also, students also get to know graphic design as a foundation for web design.
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11-13 years old

Students get to know the high-level programming language Python. Learn how to command structures, apply Agile and Scrum principles. Develop basic and advanced 2D game building and mobile apps.
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14-17 years old

Students will achieve a deep understanding of the Python programming language. In a gamified format, students will go from job interviewing and starting a career as a trainee developer to a lead developer! They make plans and distribute tasks, check each others’ code, work in teams, and present their projects.
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13 - 17 years old

Unity is a real-time 3D content development platform that includes computer and mobile games. It is a game engine with a wide scope of application for the most popular platforms, from architecture, construction and design, to cinema and animation, games for mobile phones, PCs and consoles.
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Future Ready Education For Students From 5-17 years old

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5 reasons why you must choose Algorithmics
International environment. Global connection.
  • We teach bilingual or 100% English depending on each students’ needs.
  • In Vietnam, Algo students come from 15 countries.
  • Connect with more than 250,000 students around the world. 
  • Discuss and learn from global students’ projects from 55 countries.
Improve 4.0 soft skills with Project-based Learning.
  • Focus on practicality and efficiency: Students will learn 30% theory and 70% practice during each lesson. By building real projects, students can absorb knowledge naturally. 
  • 4.0 soft skills include: logical thinking, proactive thinking, problem-solving, creativity, curiosity, teamwork, presentations, etc.
Experienced, professional and dedicated teachers.
  • 100% of our teachers go through a multi-stage selection process and continuous professional training.
  • Students' learning results are evaluated, received individualized feedback from teachers are shared to Parents in each module to help families keep track of their child’s learning progress.
Personalized learning platform. Visualization student reports.
  • Our Learning Platform is designed to match with children's psychological development stages. Besides, Healthy Gamification is applied in order to maintain their interest and stimulate a passion for learning.
  • Visual charts are used to demonstrate to learning results, which are updated continuously.
  • Combine assignments from teachers and student’s creativity to build personal technology projects.
Our International Standard curriculum is updated regularly.
  • Built by a team of child psychologists, curriculum development specialists and programming experts.
  • Our curriculum is is continuously updated based on feedback and results from our students and families around the world.

What parents and students say about us?

Game Development
“Sulin created her own project and learned how to manage and develop it from the beginning!”
Sulin's parents
Visual Programming
“He developed the confidence to build a project and present it in English.”
Karik’s parents
Python Start
“He not only learned how to write code proficiently, but also gained new soft skills!”
Nathan Tran’s parents
Python Pro
“I was able to learn greater logical thinking, helping me in different subjects including Math, Science and Physics.”
  • G-development
    "Bé có thể tự tạo nên dự án riêng và học cách quản lý, phát triển dự án"
    Phụ huynh bé Sulin
  • Visual Programming
    "Con tự tin, mạnh dạn hơn khi trình bày, thuyết trình bằng Tiếng Anh"
    Phụ huynh bé Karik 
  • Python Start
    "Con không những phát triển kỹ năng mềm mà còn thuần thục viết code"
    Phụ huynh của Nathan Trần
  • Python Pro
    "Em phát triển rất nhiều về kỹ năng tư duy, giúp các môn học tự nhiên dễ dàng hơn rất nhiều"

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Algorithmics teach?
Programming (from basic to advanced like Python) and 21st century soft skills for 5-17 year olds (presentations, teamwork, logical thinking, critical thinking, etc.)
Why choose Algorithmics?
Algorithmics has a combination of 3 key elements to a successful learning experience: a high-tech learning platform, a well-researched curriculum and methodology, and expert teachers.
- Courses are designed to match children's psychological development stages. They’re designed to fit with each child’s learning style
- The IT platform offers tailor-made educational paths, letting everyone master the material at a pace that suits them
- Experienced teachers go through a multi-stage selection process and long-term professional training

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What’s the tuition fee?
Tuition fees at Algorithmics depend upon the individual learning pathway and the course that matches the child's abilities as well as the parent's expected pathway for the child. The average tuition fee will fall in the range of VND 2 million-3 million/month, excluding special offers in the month (if any).
How many lessons a week?
Each course will take place from 8 to 16 months. Your children will study 60-90 mins/lesson and just 1 lesson/week. In addition to classroom content, children will have a 24/7 learning platform to practice at home and build projects according to personal interests.
Are the courses available in English?
Algorithmics teaches courses 100% in English. However, for children who need more time to develop their English ability, teachers will teach at an English/Vietnamese ratio that is appropriate for their child's ability (for example, 30% English and 70% Vietnamese) or vice versa.

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