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Algorithmics - The International Coding School - teaches programming to students from 5 to 17 years old. At Algorithmics, students will be taught how to command technology and develop essential soft skills of the 21st Century - empowering them to have their choice of professions-of-the-future.
5 reasons why you must choose Algorithmics
International environment. Global connection.
  • We teach bilingual or 100% English depending on your needs.
  • In Vietnam, Algo students come from 15 countries.
  • Connect with more than 300,000 students around the world. 
  • Discuss and learn from global students’ projects from 70 countries.
Improve 4.0 soft skills through Project-based Learning.
  • Focus on practicality and efficiency: Students will learn 30% in theory and 70% in practice during each lesson. By building real projects, students can absorb knowledge naturally. 
  • 4.0 soft skills include: logical thinking, proactive thinking, problem-solving, creativity, curiosity, teamwork, presentations, etc.
Experienced, professional and dedicated teachers.
  • 100% of our teachers go through a multi-stage selection process and continuous professional training.
  • Students' learning results are evaluated, received individualized feedback from teachers and are shared to Parents in each module to help families keep track of their child’s learning progress.
Personalized learning platform. Visualization student reports.
  • Our Learning Platform is designed to match with children's psychological development stages. Healthy Gamification is applied in order to maintain their interest and stimulate a passion for learning.
  • Visual charts are used to demonstrate to learning results, which are updated continuously
  • Combine assignments from teachers and student’s creativity to build personal technology projects.
Our International Standard curriculum is updated regularly.
  • Built by a team of child psychologists, curriculum development specialists and programming experts.
  • Our curriculum is continuously updated based on feedback and results from our students and families around the world.

Internationally Certified

Internationally Certified
After each course, students will be granted an International Certificate - a stepping stone to help them enter high school, university, and study abroad. Our certificates are especially useful for students who want to enter technology fields.
  • Coding Knight
  • Digital Literacy
  • Visual Programing
  • Game Development
  • Python Start
  • Python Pro

Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

Algorithmics’ Teaching Team is not only experienced in programming, but they are also educational experts and methodologists with full certifications.
  • Mr. Tristan Makin - Curriculum Director of Algorithmics

    • More than 10 years of experience in the education field
    • 6 years as a IGCSE Computer Science and ESL teacher
    • He is an author of more than 15 books about IELTS, Business, Computer Science topic
    • He is also the father of Asia's first internationally certified STEM curriculum
  • Ms. Tammy Dinh - Academic Director at Algorithmics

    • Bachelor of Education, RMIT University
    • Experienced Primary Teacher, 4+ years teaching in Australia and UK
    • 2 years as Head of Teacher Training & Recruitment, One On One English (now Oolab) Vietnam
    • Now she is teaching Coding Knight | Visual Programming | Game Development
  • Mr. Joshua Simpson - Algo’s teacher

    • CS50x Computer Science Foundation | CS50S Introduction to Programming | CS50T Understanding Technology - Harvard University Online
    • Masters of Creative & Professional Writing - University of Gloucestershire
    • 2 years SEO Content Marketing Executive - England
    • Now he is teaching Coding Knight | Visual Programming | Python Start | Python Pro
  • Mr. Khanh Vuong - Algo’s teacher

    • Bachelor of IT - HCM University of Education and Technology; FUNiX University
    • Data Scientist, Backend Developer, Shopify Liquid App Developer at ATP Corp, Sendo
    • Engineering Intern at Microsoft
    • Now he is teaching Coding Knight | Digital Literacy | Visual Programming | Game Development | Python Start | Python Pro
  • Ms. Lily Bui - Algo’s teacher

    • GA Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    • Certificate in Design for the Internet - UAL Central Saint Martins, England
    • 5 years of experience teaching block programming, game design, and video editor
    • Now she is teaching Coding Knight | Digital Literacy | Visual Programming | Game Development | Web Creation | Graphic Design | Web Development


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Algorithmics has gained international notoriety

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Algorithmics has gained international notoriety


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