Coder of Legends - An International Competition for the New Coder Generation hosted by Algorithmics Vietnam, transcends beyond a mere coding competition; it's a beneficial playground for children. Participants not only engage in a challenging competition but also join in technology workshops, meet formidable opponents, and learn from professional mentors provided by Algorithmics! Let's take a closer look at the vibrant workshop sessions of the Coder of Legends competition.

Coder of Legends - An International Competition for the New Coder Generation

This competition caters to children aged 7-15, providing a program not only for showcasing technological talent but also for honing coding skills. It serves as an avenue for young minds to acquire practical knowledge and experiences.

Workshop Coder of Legends


Workshop Coder of Legends

In the 2023 edition of Coder of Legends, over 200 participants of varying ages, including both seasoned Algoers and enthusiastic newcomers joined the competition. Despite their unfamiliarity with this contemporary subject, the newbies, thanks to dedicated workshops, gained insights and learned how to create their own projects.

Fun and Informative Workshops within Coder of Legends

The competition consists of three categories: Scratch Olympics Junior, Scratch Olympics Senior, and Web Design Hackathon. Each category corresponds to different age groups, skill levels, and competition themes. Participants in each category are actively involved in corresponding workshops, which run for 2 hours and 30 minutes and feature specialized mentors from Algorithmics Vietnam.

Throughout these workshops, participants receive guidance not only on their competition projects but also on in-depth understanding of creative thinking, planning, and project execution. Whether new to programming or experienced, all students have the opportunity to shape their projects and gain insights into the complexities of project development. Mentor guidance ensures that even those unfamiliar with programming can actively participate and excel.

Watch the Workshop Highlights on YouTube

Workshop Coder of Legends

Join the Voting for Coder of Legends Projects

As Coder of Legends reaches its conclusion, the Algorithmics judging panel has selected the top 12 outstanding projects for public voting. To cast your vote for the most outstanding project in the eyes of parents, visit the Algorithmics Vietnam Fanpage for voting! The voting criteria include interactions such as likes, hearts, laughs, direct comments, and sharing the project publicly with specific hashtags related to the competition categories.

Vote for the Projects Here

1 point: Like or react to the post

2 points:Comment in the post of the project that catches your impression

3 points: Share the post publicly with the following hashtags: #algorithmicsvietnam, #laptrinhchotre, #coderoflegends and one of the following category hashtags (#scratchjunior, #scratchsenior, #websitehackathon)

Wouldn't you like your child to participate in such free and enriching events at Algorithmics? Don't forget to explore upcoming Algorithmics events here!

Workshop Coder of Legends

Workshop Coder of Legends

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